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Difficult people behave that way because it’s getthing them what they want

2012 May 16 by Mike

Dealing with Difficult Negotiators

People are often difficult because they’ve learned that their bad behavior gets them what they want. In some cases they’re difficult because they believe that you or your organization or your country has wronged them in some way.  And sometimes they’re just awful people.  It doesn’t matter; you should not adopt or contrast their style. When negotiating with these type of people, your job is to teach them that they will get nothing from you unless you get something from them. Decide what you want from them and put it in the form of  IF YOU . . . THEN I WILL . . . to get what you want – including a change in their behavior! You don’t have to shout, swear, intimidate, or behave in any fashion that would cause you embarrassment should the details of your behavior become public the next day.