Negotiation: The Backbone of Organizational Effectiveness

Negotiating is an integral part of business operations impacting everyone from the c-suite to the customer service team. Yet few professionals have received effective training on this skill, and even fewer have mastered good negotiating behaviors. Rather, most employees rely on broken strategies and bad habits that create a vicious cycle of frustration and poor negotiations.

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The True Meaning of Negotiation

How many times have you and your team finished a negotiation and then wondered if you could have gotten a better deal? It turns out that most professionals think they are applying negotiation skills to a situation … but in reality are relying on their persuasion skills or problem-solving skills. When those skills aren’t working, they continue to apply them because it’s what they know and are told to do. Persuading and problem solving are often the right places to start but they are different than negotiating. Skilled negotiators have the ability to “change gears” and move into a totally different skill of negotiating in order to achieve what they want.

SwiftNegotia can give you the ability to “change gears” when what you’re doing isn’t working. It’s an approach that’s been field tested around the world and proven to work when other methods don’t. Let us teach you how to turn negotiating into an invaluable tool that amplifies your effectiveness in all aspects of business.

A Force to Be Reckoned With

This practical approach helps businesses and their employees improve their ability to influence situations, negotiate deals and resolve conflict. It also allows you to recognize the phase you are in and utilize appropriate skills to deliver the best outcome.

  • Prepare
  • Dialogue
  • Propose
  • Close

Using The Four Phases Model, which easily aligns with any selling or buying model, we develop skilled negotiators who bring immense value to the table. See for yourself the difference the SwiftNegotia approach makes.

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