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From the time we learn how to talk, negotiating becomes an important part of our lives. Yet when it comes to the business of negotiating, few are aware of its nuances … and even fewer can effectively use them to negotiate deals without creating unwanted side effects. At SwiftNegotia, we’ve built a reputation for cultivating skilled negotiators who can confidently navigate the art of the deal. And we do so using proven methodology that is applicable to every department, industry and organization.


Our People

The SwiftNegotia team consists of business executives and professional negotiators who are committed to your success. We utilize our knowledge and expertise to develop technology, tools and training that make negotiation an organizational competency. We turn individuals at every level of an organization, from salespeople to senior executives, into capable, confident negotiators.

Mike Milich

Mike is a founding partner and President. Under his leadership, SwiftNegotia has grown to be a trusted partner to many organizations, and continues to be a quality driven business as demonstrated by its growth coming entirely from referrals.

Mike provides negotiation support to client companies, as well as, to individuals. His responsibilities takes him around the world working with organizations to make negotiating an organizational competency. He combines hands-on support with implementing systems from preparation through deal completion.

Mike has 25+ years of experience working with the Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, CPG, High Tech, Professional Services and Construction industries.

Mike supports his clients in Global Procurement and Supply Chain, Sales and Account Management, Labor Relations, Merger and Acquisitions, Partnerships and High-Level deal making. He combines experience from North America, Europe and Asia with specialized knowledge in negotiations to assist his clients.

Mike began his career at Arthur Andersen. Mike has an undergraduate degree in accounting from University of Missouri – Columbia and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Shawn Kinkade 

Shaun works as a strategic advisor for businesses, helping them focus on growth and making better deals. For the past 11 years he’s been working with entrepreneurs and smaller business owners, helping his clients reach (and exceed) their business goals.

Using an entrepreneurial focus along with his corporate background and experiences, clients get a unique perspective and powerful insights into their challenges and solutions.

Prior to that, Shawn’s experience has been a mix of Management Consulting (Accenture and as an independent) and as a Corporate Executive (at Sprint PCS), both roles required extensive work on developing and fixing business processes, making people productive, instilling leadership and coaching success with a dedicated focus on solving business problems.

Mark Brigman

Mark is an expert at helping companies architect and lead strategic B2B partnerships. While working for a Fortune 100 technology firm, he traveled across the US and Europe establishing and leading hundreds of multi-million dollar partnerships. Mark works with companies of all sizes and industries to help make B2B partnering become a company competency and a competitive advantage.

Mark authored PARTNERNOMICS, which introduced the Strategic Partner Leadership Model™ (SPLM) as the culmination of his 20 years of experience in forging industry-leading partnerships.

His pedigree includes a Ph.D. in Business Administration, Master’s in Economics, 13 years as a strategic partnership lead for a Fortune 100 firm, and six-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

We believe that negotiation is a true force multiplier for businesses. By working with SwiftNegotia, you can create a workforce that delivers better deals and relationships allowing your workforce to deliver better deal outcomes.

Our Promise


Our Value


Simply put, we establish infrastructure to make the negotiator’s life easier and also make him/her more effective, making the experience of negotiation more rewarding all around. As your discrete partner in live deals, in-house consultation and training, SwiftNegotia tailors its approach to match your specific business needs.

For a partner that makes a measurable difference, contact us today.