I have been through a lot of trainings in my career and by far SwiftNegotia was the best training I have ever received . . .. The structure of the training and delivery of the material was masterfully done.

Vice President Business Development
Fortune 100 Company

Our organization saw an immediate and significant impact. It’s now become “the way we do business around here”. I would highly recommend SwiftNegotia.

Senior Vice President
Fortune 500 Company

I have been in healthcare for 30 years and hands down, SwiftNegotia’s negotiation workshop was the very best workshop I have ever attended! There were immediate benefits. I highly recommend it.

Vice President
Fortune 500 Company

. . . In one negotiation in particular that I was involved with, I would credit SwiftNegotia’s training with a result that brought us easily $150,000 more than what I would have settled for previously . . ..

Global Engineering Services Firm

. . . our firm has negotiated several hundred thousand dollars of value that previously would have been lost. SwiftNegotia represents the highest standard of professionalism and the firm will develop very deep value to your organization.

Large Restaurant Services Company

In over 30 years of Sales and Operations leaderships SwiftNegotia’s training stands out as one of the most valuable I have encountered.

They bring practicality and a focus on making true changes in the negotiations thought process and decision-making abilities that has been sustainable in my business for years. If you want to get ahead in your industry, SwiftNegotia training will prove to be a key component.

Vice President of Sales
Fortune 500 Company

SwiftNegotia supports us during our negotiations in the areas Business Development, Sales, Procurement and Labor Relations. They get outstanding results and I would highly recommend them.

International Manufacturer

I’ve been working with Mike and SwiftNegotia for the past few years and he is the real deal!

Every one of my employees who has taken his classes has talked about how life changing it’s been. We’re seeing improved negotiating and selling skills as a result of our work with Mike. Mike’s teaching methods are incredibly sound and based in years of successful negotiating. I’ve been working my trainers into his classes so that they get a taste of them, too. Need to upgrade the negotiating skills of your organization? Mike is the one to call!

Director of Sales Training
Fortune 100 Company

For the past several years, SwiftNegotia has directly assisted us in deal-making . . .

they have helped my organization add significant value to our bottom line. I would recommend them in any situation where business, value or profitability is at risk and anytime an organization wants to improve the results that its people are achieving in their day-to-day business.

President Global Procurement
Fortune 50 Company

Compared to the Harvard Negotiation Course, I found SwiftNegotia’s method to be much more practical and easy to apply to both large scale negotiations and everyday work.

Vice President
Fortune 500 Company

Hands down best team training we’ve had with immediate results!

My team and I had the opportunity to take the SwiftNegotia course recently. Hands down best team training we’ve had with immediate results. Hats off to SwiftNegotia for this dynamic course!

Sr. Vice President
Fortune 100 Company