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Negotiating skills are vital in business. For more than 30 years, our time-tested and field-proven approach has allowed organizations to achieve success in situations where they hadn’t before, and without damaging relationships in the process. Ultimately, the best negotiators aren’t those with the most leverage but those with the right skills and who work for organizations that understand how to support strong negotiating performance. Unfortunately, many professionals have received little or no training in this area; those who have received some sort of training often find that what they’ve learned isn’t practical. Worse, most leaders think of negotiation as an individual task rather than an ongoing organizational effort. That’s understandable based upon how most managers have learned negotiation.

But organizational performance suffers as a result.

At SwiftNegotia, we’re unique because we can operationalize a practical approach that creates effective negotiating behaviors inside any organization; we do it in a way that can make negotiation an organizational competency that is continually improving. Negotiations become faster, easier and much less stressful.

We combine the right mix of training, systems, consultation, and deal support to achieve your goals.

“Our organization saw an immediate and significant impact. It’s now become "the way we do business around here". I would highly recommend SwiftNegotia.”

Senior Vice President, Fortune 500 Company


Negotiation is a learned skill. We make negotiation an organizational competency with the infrastructure to support execution and continual improvement, whether looking to improve the outcomes of one individual or a group of several hundred.

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Automated Systems

We’ve developed a number of tools and resources that are designed to support those who negotiate and create a continually improving environment. Access these for enhancing your preparation and execution.

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In certain business instances, our assistance can go a long way toward getting the right outcome. Both Fortune 100 companies and small businesses take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate our consulting services to tackle tough challenges with confidence.

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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are proven to be the fastest way to grow. Yet partnerships frequently fail. Let our team of experts in strategic partnering help you identify, acquire and manage partnerships for long-term success.

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Deal Making

When it comes to the most critical negotiations, going it alone can be daunting. Bring our team in to negotiate on your behalf or support you behind the scenes in live deals to close effectively under any circumstances.

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