Automated Negotiating Systems and Tools

Making things easy, fast, and enjoyable are the ingredients for creating sustainability and continuous improvement.

Through our unique automated approach, we leverage technology to make it fast and simple to engage in the negotiating behaviors that drive results and continuous improvement.


Our automated negotiating systems and tools are accessible at your convenience to ensure you can:

  • Quickly organize your thoughts in an effective manner
  • Prepare more thoroughly for negotiations, whether you have 10 weeks or 10 nanoseconds
  • Analyze, identify and use information to shift the balance of power
  • Look at situations in a way that allows for more flexibility in achieving positive deal outcomes
  • Benefit from the knowledge transfer of colleagues using these resources
  • Coach, collaborate on and manage a myriad of negotiations in a fast and easy way
  • Establish an environment that fosters continual improvement

By combining structure, discipline and real-time learning, our automated negotiating systems and tools can significantly improve your knowledge, skills and performance simultaneously. In turn, this provides a sustainable competitive advantage that technology should offer in today’s fast-paced world.

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