Corporate & Executive Level Strategic Consulting

“For the past several years, SwiftNegotia has directly assisted us in deal-making . . . they have helped my organization add significant value to our bottom line. I would recommend them in any situation where business, value or profitability is at risk and anytime an organization wants to improve the results that its people are achieving in their day-to-day business.”

President Global Procurement – Fortune 50 Company

We often hear clients say, “We don’t have any power.” In truth, if the other party is taking time to communicate with your people, you do have power — you just may not understand what it is. If they’re not willing to talk or meet, it may be because the power you do have has been missed or misused. In either scenario, we can help. We do so by reshaping your market negotiating dynamics and employing a strategy that leverages the new dynamics. This allows us to shift the balance of power in your direction while implementing good negotiating behavior on the ground. As a result, decision-makers on the other side think and behave in a manner more beneficial to you. The result is better deals that get made faster without damaging relationships and often times improving them.

If you’re ready to put your organization in a better strategic position to negotiate more effectively, contact us. We can analyze the organization and the market from the top down to move beyond traditional negotiating scenarios and strategies. This comprehensive approach to negotiating results in meaningful improvement company-wide.

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