Negotiation Skills Training


"I've been working with Mike and SwiftNegotia for the past few years and he is the real deal! Every one of my employees who has taken his classes has talked about how life changing it's been. We're seeing improved negotiating and selling skills as a result of our work with Mike. Mike's teaching methods are incredibly sound and based in years of successful negotiating. I've been working my trainers into his classes so that they get a taste of them, too. Need to upgrade the negotiating skills of your organization? Mike is the one to call!"

Director of Sales Training - Fortune 100 Company

Negotiations are taking place within your organization every day at every level. To enhance the outcomes of the deals being made, consider leveraging the value of our unique negotiation skills training and make negotiating a corporate capability.

While most of what is taught around negotiations comes out of the Ivy League, our clients find that our approach to negotiation is far more practical and effective than what they’ve learned in graduate school or in books.

We start every engagement with our discovery process to identify your organization’s specific strengths, challenges, goals and culture before providing recommendations tailored to your meet your needs. After discussing these recommendations, we design and build solutions that work for teams, departments, managers, executives or the entire organization, all while keeping your time and resource constraints in mind.

We transform team members into skilled negotiators who recognize the various methods available to resolve conflict and can strategically switch tactics “on the fly.” As the conversation or conditions change, our clients can move the situation to a desired outcome in a deliberate and confident way. Ultimately, our job is to improve your ability to influence situations and get things done.

Though one deal may not make all the difference, better outcomes in hundreds of smaller deals over time will. Contact us today to determine how our negotiation consulting can empower your employees, transform your culture and boost your bottom line.

Seminars and Open Workshops

While our approach is to provide customized solutions to meet our clients’ needs, we also understand the value of specific standardized training. That’s why we offer our open workshops that focus on the foundations of our negotiation method.

Training in this format is ideal for smaller organizations or for larger organizations interested in sampling our approach to assess its fit before employing our methodology company-wide. It can also be great for individuals looking to sharpen their skills. Come experience our Foundations of Effective Negotiation workshops and enjoy the interactivity we use in exploring how to address real workplace situations of those in the room.

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